Syren Franco Photography

We take every photo personally

Portraiture with a Passion

Every person, and every moment has it's beauty.  Sometimes you miss it.  I am here to make sure you see it and remember it always.


From in studio to location photo shoots, engagements, weddings, and that all important portrait that will capture your essence, majesty, fire, and beauty...


Come to our studio for this treat of an experience.  We provide a hair and make up artist, you provide your fiercest or most magical attire, and we will do for you what painters of old did for kings and queens.


From getting ready to the bouquet toss, it is a much more magical and convenient way to relive your wedding to look at a photograph.  Wedding albums are valuable treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

Location Shoots

With an option of having a full team with you for hair and makeup, build your portfolio or capture your family happiness on the beach, in the park, or anywhere that inspires you.


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    Welcome to my passion.  I am a singer, musician, and artist.  Photography is one of the ways I stay creatively connected to myself and to others.  I have a loving husband who always supports me to follow my passion and 3 dogs and 4 cats which remind me to focus on love.
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    I love taking photos of people and what they are passionate about, and I love showing them how amazing and beautiful they are.  Through photography as well as music I have met the most amazing people.
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    I have been photographing people professionally since 2010 and come from a background of musical performance, theater, and modeling.  With that said, I know how hard it is to step in front of the camera.
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     I strive for excellence always, with the belief that the more I can give the better life will be in all aspects for everyone. 

    I want to take your portrait and show you how beautiful and amazing you are! 


For quotes please send us an email, I'll give you a call and find out how to best serve you.

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